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Join us in August and learn how to change your life, in three information packed days.
Aug 24-26, 2018
What You will Learn at this event.
At Rehabs 2 Riches, our live bootcamp and bestselling books don’t just give you vague theories. Instead, we show you how to find, fix, and flip properties, and we do so with specific, first-hand information. 

Rehabs 2 Riches seminars teach you, as a potential investor:

✅Where to find the right properties
✅How to analyze the deal and the return on investment
✅How to fund your investment
✅How to build a million-dollar network
✅Who to include on your team
✅How to negotiate a profitable deal
✅How to write a Statement of Work
✅When to invest
✅How to set goals
✅When, where and how to market your property for quick sale

We keep it simple; plain english, laid-out-for-you plans and realistic expectations. showing you current and past projects and show you exactly what works and why, so you can start doing this yourself.

At each event, you’ll enjoy the insights and guidance that only a best-selling author, and experienced licensed Realtor with over 14 years of experience can provide you with confidence.

With better prices than the competition, personal access to me, and down-to-earth tips that make perfect sense, you can start making the right changes and creating the life you always wanted for you and your family.

I pride myself on personally running each seminar myself, so register your seat today and I will see you there!

Alton Jones - house rehabbing expert.
Who Is Alton Jones?
Alton Jones is an extremely successful house rehab expert, best-selling author and someone who truly loves helping people achieve their dreams, by mentoring and teaching others how to do exactly what he has been doing for the past 14 years.

He comes from a 30 year career as an LAPD police officer and has found true wealth and success in doing what he loves.
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